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Added benefits include a product gift, 40% discount, invitation to Taramar Seeds annual celebration in Iceland and dividends when the time is right.

Bridging the gap between the University and the Industry

Taramar Seeds is a newly established identity. It has no debts and the first commercial activities are occurring this year, when the Taragreen and Tarakids brands are introduced to the market.

Taramar Seeds was established in early 2019 to bridge the gap between the University research and the development of commercially successful products. The intention is to transpose knowledge, research outputs and inventions from the two founders Prof. Guðrun Marteinsdottir and Prof. Kristberg Kristbergsson at the University of Iceland into Taramar Seeds to bring new solutions and innovative products to the market.

The value of the company is based on the large amount of research outputs that are and will be transferred from the University Research Groups into product development by the company. These research focus on natural bioactives, physio-chemcial delivery system, ingenious use of bioactives in skincare such as toxic-free sunscreens, reconstructed water for increased moisturizing abilities; anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, free radical scavenging, membrane health, skin healing, skin smoothing, skin thickening and advanced skin support through enzymatic inhibitions.

These results have been used to develop two new skincare Brands and new production technologies and are currently being addressed in two patents pending and two patent applications that are being prepared for a submission before the end of 2020.

The value of Taramar Seeds and it‘s freedom to operate is secured through exclusive contracts between the University, the Founders and Taramar Seeds.

Taramar Seeds is prepared to grow

Taramar Seeds (TMS) has completed several steps that are needed to prepare for the International launch of its products:

1. TMS has scaled up it‘s production facilities to meet high volume production and to comply with ISO and GMP standards.

2. TMS has created research outputs that support the unique functionality of the Icelandic natural ingredients. Two patents have been filed and two more applications are being prepared.

3. TMS has developed two new skincare brands and is now ready to launch all it‘s brands on the International market. Distribution agreements are being negotiated with large online shops in Europe

4. International distribution of Taragreen and Tarakids will start in March 2020.


Taramar Seeds plans to start the international distribution of its products in Europe in 2020, and expand to Asia in 2021 and 2022. As in all forecasts, the forcasted revenues for Taramar Seeds are bound by errors and may become lower or higher than shown here. Also, not included in the forecast is TMS‘s innovative sunscreen product line, Tarasól, that will be launched in 2021. Currently Tarasól is being developed and optimized with the help of funding from the H2020 European Research Fund, the Icelandic Research Fund and University of Iceland Research Fund. 

Purchase shares in Taramar Seeds in 2 steps:

STEP 1. Go to shopping cart and select the number of shares you intend to purchase.

STEP 2. When you have made your purchase you will receive a signed copy of your equity certifcate and your TMS licence for 40% discounts and an invitation to the next annual celebration of TMS. Also your gift will be mailed within a few days from purchase.

Shareholder Benefits

Taramar Seeds is offering non-voting share in class B to those that would like to invest in an innovative start-up located in Iceland.

Shares can be purchased at a minimum of $960 or any multiplication thereof, up to $57,600

Privileges attained by each new owner:

  1. A payment of dividends when the profits are distributed in proportion of ownership
  2. A one time gift of 2 products
  3. A permanent 40% off all products as long as TMS is ruled by the current owners
  4. An annual invitation to TMS celebration in Iceland
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