Article 1

The Seller Taramar seeds ehf. undertakes to sell and the Buyer undertakes to buy B-shares in Taramar Seeds ehf. Price.

Article 2

Purchase price is to be paid through Payment gateway opperated by VALITOR on this web page.

Article 3

With this purchase, the Buyer shall acquire B-shares in Taramar Seeds ehf. B-shares carry all the same rights as other shares, except that they carry neither voting rights at shareholders’ meetings of Taramar Seeds ehf. nor preemptive rights in the increase of share capital in Taramar Seeds ehf.

Article 4

Unit certificates for the company have not been issued. Payments through this web page and acceptance of this terms of sale are equivalent to the Buyer’s assignment of shares to the Seller and the sold shares are considered delivered to the Buyer upon payment.

The aforementioned holdings are delivered to the Buyer without any obligations and/or pledges and the shares are fully transferable, taking into account potential preemptive obligations stipulated by TARAMAR International’s Articles of Association.

The Seller guarantees that they have unrestricted ownership and powers of disposition of the shares sold under this Agreement.

Article 5

When the purchase of shares according to this Agreement has taken place, the status of buyer (him/her) as a B shareholder will be recorded in the company’s share registry, once the transaction has been completed.

Article 6

The Agreement takes effect on accepting this terms and finalizing payment.

This Agreement is subject to Icelandic law. In the event of any dispute arising in respect of this Agreement then such dispute shall be brought before the District Court of Reykjavík.

In confirmation of all of the above, the buyer confirms his acceptance of those terms by clicking accept button below. 




By clicking the button below you state that you both understand and accept the terms of buying B-Shares in TARAMAR SEEDS EHF
By finalizing the Registration and Payment process following the click of the button below, there is a formal agreement between Seller and Buyer based on the 6 articles here above.

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